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Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 3rd, 2020

So there is 2 people that HATE the fact I use alot of images and gifs with my reply. But you have to understand I never owned a cell phone and still dont I am a PC user so this problem people have with broad with when they view my reply on there cheap mobile phone it idk ..IDK ! I never owned a cell phone I dont know what they mean by it uses alot of broadwith IDK I dont have a cheap computer any more so IDK how it effects other devices that much so if you wont mind How do you feel about me using the max images mixed with gifs which is 10 for me. ? Please let me know in comment here if there is more bad votes than good then I will cut back on uploading images (WARNING it will be more boring for me and cause me to possibly be less creative with my replies WARNING) Or do you think it should be no problem and its pretty entertaining I mean I am not posting images and gifs that dont go along with my reply they are revlevant in creative ways ! I would really like to know this.. The most person that is angry for me at this is @BillyRedSnake  I hope this shows you I heard what you said but we are on diffrent pages on this topic you dont like it and I love it and wish more people did it to!




Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 3rd, 2020

For the first year I would actually try out every thing that was recomended in monthly voting so I could vote on it "easier" But it was taking to much time and had to go through to much crap so I started to just vote for the top things I played or watched and knew I liked then after that I would just put in what ever was rated M for mature ..? I know lame way of voting but atleast I am voting here? So If you have any of your content on the voting pole for next month or any time after that you can let me know and you will forsure be in the 3-10 selection of my voting the first 3 is gonna be for what I watched and played already that I liked right off the bat so YEAH let me know



Posted by RedeyestheSecound - April 2nd, 2020

Well I made some french toast sticks last night cause I forgot to eat in the past 7 hours before that happens some times my stomach tells me im hungry before my brain which explains this video I made ..


Well I thought I cooked them good 3 mins in the microwave 6 pieces and i flipped them half way through around 2:00 mins left .. Well I didnt cook them right or the fact my aunt brought over her sick handicapped son to ask me to watch him this saturday ..? I think its the french toast stick (warning gross) I cant stop farting! My stomach feels like its eating its self, and I got a weird chest pain near my heart side ? No problem breathing though but I do feel liek crap and on top of that my mom bitched at me last night cause I did not give her any of MY sleeping pills she would not think I would say "No...." Due to the past and difficulties with our medications me stealing theres and them stealing mine I told her "No I am done sharring medications lets keep our own to our self! " Well see the past 2 months she never asked me for sleeping pills in those two months CAUSE SHE HAD NO CLUE I WAS STILL TAKING MINE! She finds out I had a refill AND BAM "GIVE ME A SLEEPING PILL CAUSE YOUR DAD FORGOT TO PICK UP MINE TODAY!" ..."No..." DId not argue with her but I got pissed off you know what if time coems to show and if were taken over as north america and we gotta live like dogs to our elders I would rather be a looter and do my own thing here .. Yes I would take that chance if thats what it came down to rather than letting my mom or dad be able to even have the idea to put a leash on me !



Posted by RedeyestheSecound - March 28th, 2020


Cant get this image out of my head and how when we pulled up before taking pictures there was 7 people like that and as we were leaving like in photo there is just 2 ..? And why is it the third oneran off when i pulled out camera for this ?.. I think these people were actually afraid of camera cause they cleared out when i pulled up camera .. I think people over seas some that believe in old tradition believe that camera can capture your soul with picture . Or face I.D technologoy too but that one is hard to believe due to there so geared up and masked up .. Another thing is there could be 6 sick patients in the tents that were near by ?


Posted by RedeyestheSecound - March 27th, 2020

Wooo there is some pictures of my dogs when they were younger ! Check this out ! :3


Buddy is on top male 7 years old and Ricky is on bottom female I think around 13 years old

These photot were taken 2 years ago I think ?


Buddy is a mut meaning he is mixed with alskian ,german sherpard, and something else I forgot I might be wrong with one I named lol ..Ricky is a pure Lab.


This is why it hurts me my dog has been permantly blinded for the past 3 months now cause he loved to look out the window he was more of a cat like a dog too lol when inside but when outside he was a full blood crazy hound loved to run and play ! Now he needs help with getting down the stairs I will leave it at that ..Ricky loves to be petted she will lay next to you if you let her and bark at you if your not petting her then she will whine if you say "Whats wrong ricky?" untill you pet her if you walk away with out petting her she will bark out you not aggressively but like "Hay!"


Lol now there more fatter my mom feeds them .. Leave it at that again lol .

I hope you all love to see my dogs I missed rubbing my face on there neck and giving them kisses on top of the head but with this epidemic I dont even pet there hair unless my hands have been washed and I need to get a bit of Buddy's hair from rickys face I dont want her to get hair in her eye. Buddy sheds alot especially during winter time but not worst than a saint bernard but pretty close lol .



Posted by RedeyestheSecound - March 27th, 2020

WEll I just thought of something funny atleast funny in my sick head ok check this out BUT DONT YOU DARE STEAL MY JOKE CAUSE ITS TIMED HERE I SAID IT FIRST! "We live in a really interesting time I mean now not only pauly shore has to worry about being tested for an STD but kids and old people too!"



Posted by RedeyestheSecound - March 26th, 2020

WOW so there is this guy who got locked down 3 times I think he was first locked down in wuhan then europe then his home town ireland.. Can you imagine this so this guy visits wuhan before the crisis and get put on lock down and stuck there ! Then so he travels to europe not really sure why seance its not his homeland.. My guess it was a stop before his homeland from a plane .. WEll he got locked down there too .. Finally makes it home I am guessing like 2 months later ! AND gets on lock down for a third time hopefully the finale time for him seance he is in his home land I am sure he will hold off on traveling for quite a long time after this. Wanna go show some support to this poor fella? Here is video and channel explaining this situation better than I did.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1QzZvWrsGc video from news letting this guy share his expiernces

https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe the dudes channel I think?



Posted by RedeyestheSecound - March 25th, 2020

I think I got something like the hantavirus but I got more of a hentai virus ! I need animated porn now !! I foam from the mouth for it !!! (But in a real note a new virus was found in chinal called the henta virus this is no joke I thought it was cause it sounds like hentai honestly I thought this was chinesse news doing a ligma joke lol ) Imagine people looking up hentai virus hehehehe that cant be good for your device.... Also I hope this does not bring to much attention to loli hentai ... They better leave that shit alone! LOL





Posted by RedeyestheSecound - March 24th, 2020

0.0 I dont know how long I can keep this act up ..Ussually becoming a new personality or "charecter" would be easy cause all my life my family found something they did not like about me and I had no chooice but to change that ..There for thats where the changing of personality came from and loosing my orginal self ! No one knows me better than I know my self but ! I dont know my self that well which means... Who did I turn into really..? UGHHH ... I am so stressing and weed is not helping any more .... If I die .. I dont want to die a lie you know so I am just gonna act crazy and all out cause I feel comfortable that way .. That crazy ass pholospher that is hard to understand like umm ?? Tom SAvini (for my creativity and love for horror), Brother Theodore ( for his love for theater and cults .. and others :3 ), Eddie Murphy (for being unpridectiable with my comedy), AND Jack Black (Love for drugs and music ussually mixed) ... And thats only the top layer I am willing to share of this ice berg of my brain ... Which means there is alot more personailty traits I have I just dont feel like shariing them I am pretty tired of typing now I am gonna close it off here with this .. "I am fine I am ok ... And I am still a god so dont worry about me I always say this to my self .. You can push me to the edge but I wont jump you would have to push me off your damn self!" Goodnight internet <3 Thanks for listening and hearing me out on this one I really needed just to be heard this time. No need to reply lets just rest ok.






Posted by RedeyestheSecound - March 13th, 2020

Well after seeing around 6 eople caught on camera trying to spread the disease on purpose by spitting on elevator buttons and doors. It does not feel so diffrent from the T virus the zombie virus from resident evil .