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im gonna say i dont like this for all the high pitch's way too many ear killen bud

MysteriousPresence responds:

Yeah that is the worst shit I’ve ever done what are you even doing here my dude lol

I respect indian sounding music so much like Cherokee Indian beats this i can see in it true warrior style "night hawk" from MK would be dancing or fighting to this (advice for more game play idea with it)

this is really good! "what? "i said .. ugh forget it.." lol i can vision a night club with this beat awesome work!!

fireball01e responds:

Thanks. I would have hoped that this would make this into the real world and could get some plays in clubs, or at least parts of it.

haha wouldnt it be creepy to see a little child play this on xylaphone baby toy? or nah you would just kick the kid in the nose? ... lol

yuck where is the twist its really blane to me honestly whats the drop?.. turning up the volume medium speed wow i cant hear beat change even after drop oh wait you have to turn it up slower this time... this is bad to me i would not even poo on it...

crazyguylink responds:

We're all entitled to our opinions. If you don't like it, then I'll respect that. I'll continue making tracks though no matter what kind of reviews I get simply because it's something I enjoy doing.

ouch not a fan of this one just saying but here is a star for good luck

creepy and intense thats how i like it ! :3 great beat!!!!

mrcoolisimo responds:

Thank you!

yo this is pretty cool reminds me of tenacious d a little bit great job bro keep it up !!! and im big fan of madness i can see the series listening to this !

your chorus beat beat sounds like two robots smashing but thtas just me

5Dollar responds:

literally havent listened to this since I made it so I was like hmm maybe it does lol. But I think robots would sound alot more clanky and metal sounding. But thats just coming from someone who does foley. But still thanks for the feedback.

This beat was to slow for me and i think you can do alot better

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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