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Oh wow the style of the sound is really cool great trance music! The quietness is really pleasant like the beat!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much for the review! For a while, this track was a personal favorite of mine, but I recall it didn't get the positive response I was hoping for...until now. ^^

Wow this comic sounds amazing! great audio quality !

oldmanorange responds:

You should totally grab it. Something very cool and original. Thanks for enjoying.

Audio is really smooth and great talk ! relaxing to listen to !

oldmanorange responds:

Thanks for enjoying!!!

I think it could use some more background noise possibly screaming or witch laughing or demon laughs for the first 1 min but after that it gets good !

reddyfu responds:

Yeah, I could've added something more but I believe it was enough.

Oh wow that was really cool that would be good for a action scyfy scene ! nice work! with aliens

S3C responds:

thanks! with humans

I love piano play this one is really great can I suggest for you to do something like "sadness and sorrow by Naruto" ? i love that beat I think you can do something really cool with it too ! Would you mind giving it a try?

S3C responds:

you reviewed my first submission! nice1. I'll check out the naruto song and we'll see what happens. thanks for the review!

Nice guitar rhythm ! This would be good for like a dinning room at restaurant! keep up the great work!

S3C responds:

dining music huh?? thanks for checking this out!

like how the beat is so intense great music ! I can imagine this being used in a game !

S3C responds:

that's the plan! cheers.

Wow the tone was really great and smooth nice work ! on putting all this together keep up the great work!

S3C responds:

thanks for another review, i'll try

i love this beat reminds me of a nintendo game or old asian show then end gets kinda creepy lol I LOVE IT

massivemarioluigi700 responds:

Yeah it's based on Kirby's Adventure 😁

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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