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ehh sounds like i heard it before honestly not to sound to harsh but I think you can do alot better than this

DigitalNights responds:

I think you are right..

this is cool reminds me of party boy and crashbandicoot mixed and dancing together my mind is at peace.. Keep making great tunes!

Shima33 responds:

Hah, thank you so much!

I suggest keep the first 15 secs of it for intro then add new beat to drop in then you can use this beat again half of it to end it its a great beat you have here but I think it would be better for a short start

FuzionTech responds:


*fist bumps* HAHA this is a really awesome party beat! Its super crazy I love it!

rosenrotR responds:

Thx :)

woah this was trippy this is kind of music that can be used for adult swim "off the air" episodes ! this is a really nice song!

EddLioni responds:

Hey thanks man! Come to think of it, it does have an adult swim vibe to it.

nice title and the beat is great too! loved the song keep it up!

Ryzmik responds:

Thanks! But the title is no name because I didn't know how to name this track lol

Love this beat ! <3 <3 keep up the great work this is awesome ! love the native american style

(oh sorry not sure how that happened i gave 5 I thought though!)

(also in my podcast I made today I mention your song cause it was in featured this one !)

FBole responds:

Thank You !

It's kinda rough to give it a 0 out of 5 star rating if you liked it though haha

edit : No problem haha, I figured you hadn't done that purposely ! Thank you for mentioning my song, very much appreciated !

ehhh not for me but kinda cool back ground beat

etK responds:

Thanks ! :)

I love how this sounds like from something that was recorded in outter space hahah great work bud you should make some more music this is not bad at all 10/10

Artur-Felipe responds:

thank you.

Nice work on piano it was pretty amazing 10/10 for me!

ChadWiggy responds:

Thank you! I had a good time playing it. Not bad for improv huh?

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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