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awesome work with face expressions and liqued detail 10/10!

Wow this is really cool and creative idea i hope you wont mind me using it to share with my discord server in hentai boobs gifs rooms gifs are best thing on discord cause peopel can favorite them and send them to others way much more easier ! I love the idea of how they shring and grow even though your just using model they look great!

SpicyBardo responds:

THank you!, and sure go ahead, it's cool to know my art get shared arround

Lovely body work and scenry ! keep up the great work please!

gonster responds:

Thank you! I will upload it often.

Wow awesome body detail, charecter, and face expression 100/100

Wow i love the art style first time i seen a art style like this looks realistic but doesnt at same time and colors you used the green purple and black great idea very awesome matching!

HEck yeah the body detail is amazing like all your art styles and idea of the art piece 10/10! The messy hair was a really good idea too!

Nice job on body pose and body detail also scenery is really good 100/100

smutterfinger responds:

ty very much!

Awesome work if this was a comic I would so read it lol love how you did the body detail ! and face experssion amazing beutifull work.

R-E-L-O-A-D responds:

Thank you very much! It was potentially going to be a comic but ultimately me and the commissioner couldn't reach an agreement we both agreed on. Though ya never know it could still happen some day!

Nice work the position is awesome and face exprssion bulma is making 10/10 keep up the awesome work!

R-E-L-O-A-D responds:

Thank you so much I'm glad ya like it! I'll do my best to keep improving

Really awesome job an nice work on body art detail and liquid effects only problem I got with this piece is .. is lady on the left lefts arm a foot instead of hand?... lol I know its aoptical illusion but I cant get over it I think you should make her left arm more visible to make that stop from happening lol she would be good with foot jobs if she had foot for hands (just an idea for you now something most dont have)

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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