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Love the cartoony art style and also the pose you have her in great body detail too!

lotikmac responds:

thanks bro :D

Woah this is a really cool looking bone structure of a creature love the dark background matches really well!

Ruedefaux responds:

thanks! i had some trouble getting it to look exactly how i wanted, but I'm happy with how it turned out~

This looks really cool the description fits charecter really well and I love how you did the one piece logo! Good thinking to do One Piece art piece cause there is a new One piece game eaither that came out oor is coming out real soon.?

Bundeluxe responds:

Pirate Warriors 4? Yeah I think that came out just last month

Nice art work loved the poses and dialog 10/10 charecters looked good too!

Greivs responds:

Thank you!

Wow so now your gonan use a app to take photos that make them look cartoony tthat is not the kind of art they want on this site though its really obv. you did not draw this eaither so dotn try to say that cause looking at your older art.. Just be honest and don't be using newgrounds like freaking instagram. TAke your selfie cartoon app else where man!

Dimension672 responds:

I drew this myself. It's a self portrait of me in my pup hood.

Love the body detail and liquid effect you put on her the background is really amazing the skies colors and tresss goes great with this charecter.

GasaiBonsaiNekoMocha responds:

Thanks <3

Nice work! Love the black and white view and painted one I usually don't like them but this one I like Frankies pose is really great too. The only thing that is not making me rate this 5 stars is why is blue laying under her back? lol

MysticLog-Dong responds:

I wanted something there to support her back, it's supposed to be a Blue plushy ball but the image doesn't really make that clear lol.

I hope you drew the one on the left too and did not trace him and only drew the one on the right ... CAuse if that was the case that would be considered super lazy tracing.. Atleast in my book. I dont like this its palin boring does not pop like comic art really should. And you forgot the stinger.. I think this would of been alot better if you did the right bee in diffrent pose but with same looks. Ehh I cant feel the passion in this art piece sorry .100000000/100

DrunkGecko responds:

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How creative a shirt saying "gore" could not find a better company to represnt gore other than the word huh? What is this background it looks like a corn flake that came out of a vagina on its period I really cant tell what it is that is my best guess no joke! The shaddowing can use a lot of work on it seems like you were jsut adding shadows any where you seem fit but it does not match the pose. The clothess look bad if cartoons had a thrieft store it looks like this is what they would look like .. No offence just things you should try working on.

DrunkGecko responds:

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Ehh the arms look super weird they look more like traffic cones than arms the face expression is pointless the background is nothing and you could not make the logo on shirt better or hair clip more straighter lines or pop out more? Ehh 0/10

DrunkGecko responds:

lol ur account got locked

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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