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OGGA GA BA! lol I loved this charecter alot and glad to see you made some art for him honestly I think it would not be so hard to make likke a funny art piecie with him and other mask on a family picnick or doing something together ? Just short suggestion abut love the art detail you did with the cheek area and forehead!

Great body pose and face expression 100/100 keep up the awesome work please!

DAmn nice idea and great art detail 100/100

Woah loved what ou did with the charecters so trippy and cool neat idea 10/10

HyperFlannel responds:

Thank you very much

Lol boos only weakness and every other player in the world lol XD great idea and this is so cool this is first time I see the charecter Boo in a porn parody and I love it if any thing I would suggest maybe having Boo cross over to another ghostly game charecter or cartoon ? Loke the work eaither way though keep it up 100/100

HyperFlannel responds:

Like maybe having a boo fuck a Danny Phantom character? Great idea, I might actually do that

Great work on body pose and body detail I think face expression needs a bit of work the who vill face from dr seus cartoons are not ehh you see what I mean now its not a good looking face for the scene and background could of been near oven and fridge on kitchen floor and she could of had on just her famouse yellow gloves lol

Wow nice body detail cute outfit and nice background 10/10

HAha so crazy and obsurb love it the art style is great to keep up cool work!

Great animation and coloring choice 10/10

Wowo this was really amazing i liked it alot nice work the body detail was cool and idea with diffrent styles of clothing 100/100

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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