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DAmn amazing work with liquid detail and good job on drawing the charecter looks just like her!

Wow amazing work ! I dont know what to say I like about this one cause every thing is so awesome the concept of it the idea to keep part of her hair red JUST WOW 100/100 eep up the amazing work!

Oh thats really cool love the art style and color off it 10//10

HELL YEAH ! lol I loved this game this is a awesome idea GREAT THINKING WOW! Super smart idea love the concept of it 100/100

Lol beth with her panties all the way off seems like she was waiting for this kind of fun lol nice work great idea and art style looks really cool like seeing rick and morty on super HD TV

Nice job the body detail art is great and body pose and loved the charecter you used 10/10!

Nice work I would think it would of been better if you made her grab the shaft (middle of cock) but every thing is awesome body detail and every thing nice work!

KinkySoul responds:

hey, that would be a nice idea, ill make it later!

Very nice lol love the body pose and background color only thing off is the left nipple ? Like the nipple looks weird maybe cause you put to much detail in the middle of it and have that line on the side I think it would of been better if you left the left nipple lol no pun attended with out that line in middle from quick look looks liek you made a drawing mistake but now I can tell you just went into alot of detail on the body but still looks weird ..

MrNormalDraws responds:

What exactly is off about it?

Nice body pose and lequid effects i love it !

Nice body detail and face expressions this is really awesome 100/100!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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