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Wow this is such amazing work you do with your audio is sounds so smooth and easy to listen to and catchy ! PLease never stop uploading content 100/100 great instrumental!

Beutiful ! Keep up the good work please the singing/carloing what ever you call it is really good!

Love how this reminds me of a old spy movie durring intense part I can see this tune being used in games easily!

Wow this was really cool love the fast paced and horror genre style of beat used to play with AWESOME WORK ! 100/100 :40- 1:10 can be easy used for rap beat instrumental 1:20 AMAZING drop lol

The tune had a slow start for me and felt like never really got picked up in the first place so it was pretty boring to me but it was creative keep up the ok work.

Was some really great piano playing there! But a bit boring I am not really what it was that did not made me feel like it deserved 5 stars but maybe cause there was not enough rhytme change if that makes any seance like 1:09-1:21 that high pitch piano part was really cool though I think if there was more done soemthing with tthat ..?

That drop at :35 is really good ! Keep up the great work! I can see this being used for a madness toon easily!

This is really trippy nice work ! loved :40 when you added that other loop in that was very good!

Wow very peaceful tune and relaxing nice work 10/10 loved the steady but increasing beat to !

oh this is gonna be really cool nice idea man cant wait to hear more stuff from you

Seth responds:

Thanks, man!
In a couple of months I'm buying more equipment to do more and better. Shh don't tell anyone!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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