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great game but hard to make money at times

game wont load for me on google chrome but i do press the first play button then black screen

This is a great game i was able to beat guardian of hell on first try and was like... oh now im new ruler of the gate huh interesting :3

ok ok this game was too boring to try to go for the medals im just being honest!
giving a secound try ehhh could not do it honestly cause the first level is to difficult and i feel whole game is the same objective atk and jump needs more lifes too

ehhh this game was soo bad i dont think its really worth uploaing maybe you should take it down?

kikanbukuro responds:

Or rather, take your own abusive worthless existence down. This is not even a review, this is nothing. This game's rating stands above 3 stars yet most of the comments come straight from disposable assholes. To further add insult to injury, this one didn't even bother playing more than the first level, you are kidding me. A game that takes time and effort to be developed is not going to be taken down by any means just because a sad little man who squanders his deplorable life trying to deceive a stranger's expectations writes a half assed comment instantly, and there goes your place in this life and all of your ambition.

Seeing that you and the other troll have made grammar mistakes, it could be a right guess to assume the fact that this is just a sockpuppet account of a pariah who vents his social frustration behind a computer, apparently trying to hurt the self-esteem of strangers on the Internet (just keep telling us how pathetic you are) and giving poor ratings because you clearly aren't capable of anything else thus you need to slander everyone else down to your level.

Sadly as life continues, you can't keep hiding behind deception, manipulation, avoiding reality, abuse, insults and a false sense of security. Take this a friendly advice: Start investing in your personal growth. I don't understand what traumatizing social experiences have reduced you to this afflicted behavior, but that wicked need to argue compulsively is only going to give you peace of mind temporarily.

I don't fully understand why psychologically inferior entities resort to deception, break promises and confront my expectations when they feel powerless and inferior (as they should be), however I have never asked for anything and my limit is not your resentful imagination, if you want to keep living inside your closed mind then that's up to you, but please do not sabotage my personal projects. Nevertheless I wish you good luck and I highly encourage you to ask for emotional support and start looking for your hidden talent which may represent your identity in the future as your portfolio, personal background and professional career.

ehhh i dont know how to gain score only how to pass levels and seance i dont know how to get rrid of blacks i only can get to lvl 3

cool game reminds me of snake just wish i was able to pass level 3

I only could get one hit and it was when i was looking for the poop button pure luck i got 1 hit lol after taht i tried hard tapping and all but could not get another hit.

WELL THAT WAS BORING..Let me explain ok .. First the mining process was not fun clicking around or using auto clicker to get ores or barbarians that randomly show up I tried to play it again and remembered i did not wass try to make it taht far again but before i quit playing ffrom memorys of bad experiences with this game in the past I realized it is also confuzing to do with my 50 + stone i mined up wen to shop,blacksmith,furncae but cant do any thing with it there?...oh you cant do any thing with stone its just there to take up space you can earn for useful ore ounce again game is boring and long time waster yes im sorry not game for me though !


Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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