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ehhh i dont know how to gain score only how to pass levels and seance i dont know how to get rrid of blacks i only can get to lvl 3

cool game reminds me of snake just wish i was able to pass level 3

I only could get one hit and it was when i was looking for the poop button pure luck i got 1 hit lol after taht i tried hard tapping and all but could not get another hit.

WELL THAT WAS BORING..Let me explain ok .. First the mining process was not fun clicking around or using auto clicker to get ores or barbarians that randomly show up I tried to play it again and remembered i did not wass try to make it taht far again but before i quit playing ffrom memorys of bad experiences with this game in the past I realized it is also confuzing to do with my 50 + stone i mined up wen to shop,blacksmith,furncae but cant do any thing with it there?...oh you cant do any thing with stone its just there to take up space you can earn for useful ore ounce again game is boring and long time waster yes im sorry not game for me though !


wow good thing i refreeshed [page before reviewing!! so cool game it was fun but i did not get the achievements so now i think it was to easy and super waste of time thanks for ruining my night you weep what you sow

great game but points and achievements are super hard to get close to impossible

great game those damn bears must DIE!!

grrrr i had to retry first level like 8 times finally got it and with homer i fell saying "dohh" then i realize no check point!!! omg your crazy the bad controls are not enough the laggy jump is not enough but no check points dude lay off the drugs you have great ideas yet they come out worst than crap

fun game but movement was so slow i made it to level 7 sand said "screw it " this game is to slow

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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