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DAng really fun game but audio got annoying really quick and level 4 was so hard ot beat I could not do it needs more health drops I think but it was really fun I hope you make more games like this a moving background or animated charecters would be cool or even like cartons from adult swim parody themed would be great!

Newshield responds:

I think I'll reupload it and give you an option to cancel out the Audio Speeches, I'll add some more health kits to give a fair chance at completion. Should be done with it by today so check back later on.

the idea is really cool but enimes are way to hard they shoot you as soon as they see you and the one heart does not help eaither !

3p0ch responds:

You just gotta be going fast to make the mortars miss you.

But once you get to the boss level where you're fighting two Wraiths and dealing with a bunch of fighters that get spawned until the Wraiths are dead, then yeah, that really will be super hard.

Thanks for playing!

Game was fun and playing through most of it the badges look really good to nice simulator in a simultation!

jamesanimations responds:

haha I suppose it is a simulator in a simulation! thanks

I got beat on lvl 4 fun game though even with small map im sure if map was just a bit long i would of breezed by lvl 4 like other lvls lol gg though charecters look cool you should think about makings some medals for this game likes each level can be a medal with a alien fce on it diffrent alien face per level and make it feel like your saving aliens from area 51 as you play more.

SpicyCatStudios responds:

Thanks for playing! This is our second game on Newgrounds and we will look into how to implement medals per game progression, I'm sure there's good resources on how to use that feature!

I did not liek art style and lack of help I got lost from start and it was hard to not go in circles arrows is better for me lol

KrunchyFriedGames responds:

Fair enough- you could always draw a map though! The art style's the result of some creative thought about what we could best do with a £0 budget- we now have an artist for future projects.

I loved this game I am the 2k boss if you look at leader boards you need 2k points to get on cause of me MUAHHHAHA great game it was really fun at first tricky but then i realized it was easy and fun! There ok looking medals.

Aprime responds:

That might be the daily one, but the only time leaderboards are insane!

It was reallly fun I made it to tank and died then I respawned at level 1 again and could not atk that time please fix this cool game and good looking medals

Newshield responds:

Planning on reuploading an update, I don't understand why you couldn't attack after you died. It always works fine before I upload it. Anyhow, I'll test it and it and then reload it hopefully, it'll be fixed.

Wow that was surprisingly fun I upgraded every tool to lvl 4 i was not aspecting that to be max but where are the enimeies at it would be awesome to see this game with more levels more women rocks and few enimes and badges I bet you can make the neatest looking badges for this game!

Dezue responds:

Heyho, RedeyestheSecound!
Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it! My next games will have more content again, and maybe I'll make something more out of Piguin as well - no promises, but not impossible either.
Enjoy your day and stay funky,

Wow amazing game but I wish the controls felt a little bit more comftorable some times it feels hard to jump back up to the other plat form or aim guns you think you can add mouse with this aiming situation at least IDk the more you play better you get but its also hard to see enemies missles and that gets me alot from those big green ships my highes is 470 sadly cause im a space invaders fan and loved the idea to this game and how medals looked but wished it was easier to play .

UltimoGames responds:

You can play the game with a controller on Steam, and it is much better there! (and you help me if you buy it for a couple of bucks) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1071920/_Foreign_Frugglers/
Thanks for the review!

I have no idea how to play this ? avoid the bugs click the bugs ? its way to confusing you should have a page by page tutorial or any thing with instructions on game or in description there might be a "how to play " in the description but you got so much info most people dont wanna read EVERY THING just teach how to play every one does not need to know how EVERY enemy works when they dont know what to do in game ?!?!?!

Mineat responds:

Then, if you don't want to read the description, this game is probably not for you. I thought it would be a dead giveaway that this was a casual "kill all enemies" type of game. I didn't say avoid the bugs nor the gnats completely, as they still have a weakness.

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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