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Very challanging game would be better with continues and wepon drops over time to get farther. OR being able to jump slightly higher that might help hitting the bats easier with out getting pesants too.?

Nice fun quiz it felt pretty legit I got a B on physical strength and C on mental strength Experience rating D (Lol, I think because I think that zombies can bring corpses back to life IDK about that one?) Emotional rating F (What I was good until someone was being attacked by a group of zombies ALONE. So I would think you should have stayed with the group defending... And would walk off. DANG! My overall rank is Z+ it says "You would be unstoppable it will take a holocaust nuke to stop you!" and more but eyy OK! lol I figured I would make the outbreak work out for me in some way! :3

Very fun game but I think upgrades needs to be a bit stronger cause I was stuck on like stage 10 and never beat the first boss too ..

Oh really fun brain games !!! so many mini games to unlock but the ballon game is pretty hard even on lvl 1 for me very gg though!

This was a really fun game and idea was cool too I made it to boss number 2 on secound try I am sure next time I play I will make it to boss 4 cause this is a really good trial and error game lol I spent 5 mins on first boss not seeing Icould hit its head lol.

NOOOO lol GG I got 2300 points as highest using apple even though it looked like a tomatoe but after like 50 deaths I cant get that hard badge but gg this was pretty fun wished the controls were not so sensitive I flew off screen so much!

Wow that was a really fun tower deefence game I wish there was diffrent looking enimies though.

I could not find where to use booster points I gained in game to save my life... But I love how the charecters look and how game play is just wish I knew how to level up with booster points to pass level 2..

Wow that was a really creative and fun game you made I loved playing it ! smooth controls and love how you have option from mouse to keyboard.

It would of been alot better if it would of stopped asking to get into my local data....

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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