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I refreshed it 3 times all i get is a green mouse crusor and black background and nothing more... well atleast i tried sometimes i dont even refresh

This is a great game a good tip is if your aiming for the leader board start from wave one for it k dont try getting it if your continuing on stage 2 or after aim to survive now i wont lie i did not get far BUT BUT its not cause i dont like it i love this game im a big space invader fan so this is close to it i had to quit tho on stage 2 cause it was really challenging i think if it had a life bar instead of lives for hits then i would of been more stuck to it i love the continue system great game!

I am really gonna need to hold back on this review but .. so Im not sure what i dont like less like theres the boring game play that has a boring background and when you put boring +boring its not like adding two negatives its like adding a pile of salty shit in a blender with out a top so.. yeah theres that then theres the skin of the towers ... really like out of all the designs you decide on those i mean cmon you could of had a icon or if you need some art ask for help im sure some one would do it for free its so easy to draw that small amount of space for most artist .. ugh theres a little how to play if your gonna make a how to play make sure the player knows how to start and build step by step you cant have a open board and be like "here play this!" its like if i went up to a cave man that around the dinos time and pulled out a monopoly board and said here roll the dice and see whos going first and lets play.. CMON CMONN thanks for wasting my time these achievements are not even worth the game play if theres no enjoyment there is no game PERIOD

Its a really great game but when the castle gets atked causes lag i think due to screen vibration and many bad guys ?

im so glad achievement is not beating this game just saying

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fake gamer

nice game just wished the achievements looked more like zombie babes and not young babes lol

i wish there was more interaction with it also acievements

well i did not get all the acievements on first try when i expected to

sweet game love it great easy achievements for most and cool way to play with keyboard you can fight any boss on any song and you know how you play guitar hero for to long screen slowly moves away this has the same feel to it!! <3

OMG that ending had me like :O oh you sneaky mother f'er lol

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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