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cant score one time! even if i put english on the ball !! *storms out*

very difficult you should try adding lives with the lifes too you know like get atk 3 times then loose life.. but i love the idea of the game its fun being animals i would like t o see a curage the cowerdly dog game

score 15,723 kils 255 beat that lol i wish it had more color that would make it a bit more fun and maypy smaler charecters and larger map so you can add more charecters and maybe full mini body lol

Omg yes the planet epres ship wooooooo bite my wooden nut thats why fry says no? lol

timer boost rounds would be helpful for this game

great game ounce you know stragy its easier than ever lol untill you get to the grey stages then it becomes luck lol

This is a super fun game i love to see the streets for drug stealing instead of candy but this was a great game hope to see another version of it

it was ok i was hopeing scenes would change or bad guys if you want help with ideas add me and follow and ill do same bac and ill message so we can talk i love the idea of old cartoon charecters being in games !

dang i was fighting the third bos with half a health bar and was like oh man thang god its easy his final hit last move you only get 2 1/2 secs to do and after he beat me on that i was to slow to doge fire lol

great game when i get my ball crusor mouse i can be 100 times faster for this stuff tho right now im using a mouse from 2002 lol but good microsoft red light scanner

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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