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Wow watching a satellite fly through space how entertaining.. This is pretty weak and the animation is not so great eaither

Ehhh not sure how this fits as action maybe spam but not action... Also this is pretty lame in my opinion

Zytes responds:

lol ok man i was bored 1 hour and havent uploaded in a while so my bad

Wow after watching this episode made me want to watch the episodes before it tooo the action was great in it ! And very colorful which I love

OMG this series is awesome please make more to this series and take down all cartoons !! LOve this parody idea and the animations are great too

toonjunkiez responds:

We are considering it. Just gotta crack the whip on our director/writer

I think this would be alot better if it was more colorful and boxes like radio was more 3D to look a bit more realistic

Poocatheghost responds:

Thank you for the constructive criticism! I'll try to colour in all animations and add that bit of realism! I'll improve my animations until people are happy with the end result! Thanks again!

animation is really neat and idea is really good

blanklazarus responds:

thx ,(i have no idea how to say more)

animation is really good but background is to plain

toastyan responds:

Thank you

colors are really neat

That was really cool for a intro I think you should of used kenny instead of a random though kenny seems best for death or kenny in his mystero costume ?

PabloMedinaThePablo responds:

If you wish, you can tell me what animations you would like to see and if I like that animation I will upload it

This is really cool I clicked it expecting something like the movie "31" by rob zombie but this is just as great actually even better became a new fan for the gore wooooo LOVE the horror

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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