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This is a really good beat to the song and rhythm I think the art work could use some work on the colors are cool though just needs more detail is what I think

This is alright I think you can do alot better though you should make a toon based on frankie you did a good job on detail with characters and background just movement is pretty dull

this is really great just not a big fan of the black and white coloring effect

this is pretty hot I think you could of done better detail on body parts though I think the pokemon should of been dripping during these whole process if she was really that ready to train lol

CumminHam responds:

Yeah liquids in general are a bitch to do in 3d...

But i will try to find workarounds for the future.

That was pretty funny and the animations on the characters were really good

I think you should try harder on your movement to animations and better back grounds would be cool story and your thoughs are great though rape is cool too

NotTheRightOne responds:

Ok i will try (:

This is not that funny a bit bizarre which I enjoyed but

I like the idea and game review of yours you made a great view to this awesome game only thing would like to see is better animations

cool remake you should remake a video games story line like that cause it looks like old cartoons that ou would see on sunday morning great work!

This is not really worth watching not to be mean but it does not even show you how to make this cool looking character sorry

MyFingerSlip responds:

Sorry man it was for a competition, it was to prove I made the drawing

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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