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Wow nice colors and cool looking charecter ! loks like they have a really cool ice power too!

AWesome charecter and nice body pose 10/10

AWesome job on gif only thing I see werid is those two white spots on her ass cheeks I know what you were trying to go for there but the way they move makes it look really un realistic

AWesome idea and it looks so cool love the body pose in secound photo too!

Nice job scene is amazing and the art detail ! Keep up the great work!

Lol this reminds me of a post I made on Meetme website lol last month I was asking any female who wanted to stay with me for quartine mode to keep each other entertained and not go and have cabin fever I was planning out this stuff or trying to sadly did not work out so well lol But I love this idea I honestly wanted to find soem porn videos of people doing this with the mask cause why not? I thought I would be seeign more of this bbut not yet..? II am happy you made this art keep up the creative work 1000/1000 !Oh the art work on body detail is great and liquid effects and love all the diffrent peeople in this one real hot!

JungleJops responds:

eyyy happy to have scratched that itch. and totally. there is too few of porn with facemasks which surprised me

Super cute love the outfit she has and face expression 10/10

JungleJops responds:

eyy! thanks!

DAmn amazing work with liquid detail and good job on drawing the charecter looks just like her!

Wow amazing work ! I dont know what to say I like about this one cause every thing is so awesome the concept of it the idea to keep part of her hair red JUST WOW 100/100 eep up the amazing work!

Oh thats really cool love the art style and color off it 10//10

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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