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THIS IS AWESOME! very creative good idea to have the taken off clothes infront of her and love the idea how the cop is making her hold her leg up with baton and other cop behind this was creative 100/100

VylfGor responds:

Thank you very much! ^_^

Very awesome gif great animtaion and body detail ..Below her neck why did you make her look like goofy was her father and pluto was her mother what did you do to marges face!!! lol

Kill La Kill she also gains cat ears around the end of that anime in her super battle outfit I dont think this is a OC isnt OC's Consider new created chaters? its a really great art but looks like Ryūko Matoi from Kill la Kill.. The outfits really good and writing on her is cool idea also the fact she is chained up. BUT I gave a low rating cause this is not scarlet this is just Search Results
Ryūko Matoi from anime kill la kill ..

Nice elf charectrer very hot also love the idea with the stains all over her already ! 10/10

Lol you made chucky cute ! the background is bad ass fits charecter really well I can see this being chucky on a cartoon series its that good honestly like even a cartoon that can fit on like nicklodean or cartoon network this is great work !

DAng this would of been a 4 stars but the hands on robin looks really deformed and weird to me I gave 3 stars cause the concept and idea is really cool also face expression matches charecter really well!

LOL this is ammzing its so random and dark I love this my favorite parts were dead guy at window and then saw watching him through PC

MrGronk responds:

It's actually anonymous, I thought it would be a funny reference, but yeah it does kinda look like Jigsaw too. Glad you like it.

Wow nice colors and cool looking charecter ! loks like they have a really cool ice power too!

AWesome charecter and nice body pose 10/10

AWesome job on gif only thing I see werid is those two white spots on her ass cheeks I know what you were trying to go for there but the way they move makes it look really un realistic

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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