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great idea for this game its a great mind teaser and not that difficult !

pretty good game but every time I die the music replays over it self so after 5 times of death I hear something really crappy that does not even sound like music

NIce and super easy great art and Love the art to medals too made me try to get them all just was not able to find two stars

yeah it was a real fun idea but on lvl two I was like "62 coins..." could not do it Could you fix the aiming and walking cause when im walking and try to look around at the same time aim moves very slowly some times not at all! and also some reason when I try to shoot at them at a angle its hardest thing to do cause half the time the bullet would not make contact

Hard to find them could you make medals to your next one like this non secret so I have a better chance of finding them all?

fun game but its to easy for too long of a time theres no challanges at start which made lvl 1 boring and thats 1/3rd of game lol lvl 2 was fun then lvl 3 was way to difficult should make it way more difficult half way through 3rd stage to keep people playing

great game
I was thinking it would be 3 clicks for 3 licks on lollipop at end lol commercial has me brainwashed i guess XD
The medals kept me playing forsure especially after lvl 25

selfdefiant responds:

Thank you! Glad you liked it enough to finish. :)

good game but I think it would be better with options to buy upgrades

I got 18 questions right and no medals.. and then 3rd time trying some of the animation such as frank says and mostly every thing after that was disappearing maade the game impossible

This is a really great game but shot gun double barrel dows not work and thats my goto gun so I was knifing untill wave 5 in order to get to box made it to wave 6 and got up set I only got one good gun from the box then after wards duck .. When you do fix up this game to make it run smooth please add a multiplayer ! with 4 people or a suggestion is YOu can make like 4 games and in each game as you lvl up yo ugain a new set of hates from diffrent countries like it would be cool to have a main guy thats hats lvl up as native or african hats! then in the next game a main charecter who lvls up with asian hats then a nother with furry ears ! as you lvl up and finally this one so you owuld be able to make 4 diffrent games and in the 5th one you can make a charecter selection screen and multiplayer out of those guys!! just a suggestion cause i really loved this game !

Zyg0te responds:

what do you mean when you say the double barrel doesn't work? can i have more details? it would be very helpful!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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