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every time i use spacebar it wont shoot and I clicked screen first

cool game but its really difficult like the levels feel like they skip levels to make the game harder more quicker

I love this simple question game it was pretty fun would like to see a RPG game by you i bet it would be awesome and hot!

this games controls are really great your mad for not adding medals to collect with this cause this is game of the month material!

Great game imma put it in a list to record for later !

Update made it to like level 3 with the cloud storms that shoot lighting and red bullet bills and got demolished quickly cause one of the red bullets kept going in a circle and when re spawning cant attack for a few seconds so they usually get to you first maybe a kill all killable when re spawned will help but the game is really great I can tell you put alot of work on it

DannyMrt responds:

Thank you!

This is a really challanging game I only can get 1700 cause I keep getting stuck under the trampolines I think it would be great to direct the bunny where to drop and suggestion to remake game as a flying shooter using bunny and making it side scroller airplane type and enimes can be random signs and plastic 6 pack holders to doge thanks for halh the medals though and could not find 2 mystery ones

interesting and simple game but I think you should add some game play of being able to make shots as well then you can make twice as many medals and give people varity in game play to make them wanna keep playing till they finally get 4000

Really great game idea but its not the greatest with movements

This is pretty interesting but with no attack I died right away

I am gonna blame this game you need to play classic mario side scrollers and uderstand how movement and jumping works feels like the ground is made from ice and no way to attack or kill

Paulo92921 responds:

That is the hard point of the game, if don't have these details, it will be much more easy...

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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