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Hahahha lol this is really great dialog pplease do more like this ! drunk drivers in ubers

This is first video I watched on newgrounds me and my friend would dance to it lol we were in second grade LOVE all the action in this toon so much violence wooo I suggest making a remake of this with blood and gore ! That would be touching to see !

Haha great work love the dancing at end I would say water bottle flip challange completed I have a suggestion what about the ISL ice bucket challange I would love to see pico or madness do it !but in extreme like a pool filled with ice

My favorite part is when the band creates a giant monster at 12:20 awesome idea poor soda machine!

This was a really awesome toon please keep making more!

the idea of the story is great ! and face expressions and character are really good too ! the characters look awesome!

the idea is really cool and motions to movement is great but the detail in character is not so great sorry keep up the hard work though!

I think you can do alot better it looks really weird on how the dick and sucking looks but I love the idea of removing her clothes little by little please keep posting I bet you can be really great with animating!

great work the face expression and body and phone details are all awesome 10/10 can you do more characters like this ?

profannytea responds:

sure can do! if you have any characters in mind private message me i'll add them to my list

hahah that looked like a awesome burger HELL YEAH! also I would like to see your OC take on the Carolina reaper challenge than the ISL ice bucket challenge after ! that would be pretty funny just a suggestion!

Magnificent-Contrapt responds:

Thank you. I will consider that!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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