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davidpuralocura did really good the idea was awesome lol and super funny I loved that when the block turned into a monster and kicked mario like a footbal lol !

davidpuralocura responds:

thank you it was my first sprite animation

HAHAH the idea is really good lol I can rewatch this a couple times and still be entertained nice work and the movement animations were not that bad either!

davidpuralocura responds:

yeah i love loop animations
they are really fun to watch

wow for your first video that was awesome!!! great work on the action and music and the blood was really cool too!

davidpuralocura responds:

yeah i love this one
the first time it got baned
untill i made some modifications

Thiswould be so cool if itw as real game on new grounds and would look so great nice trailer the animation was on point 10/10 I think this collab was very successful

Wait is ending hinting game might be coming soon?...

audio and humor is great love the bar too!Lol that was so funny hen he spilled his coffee classic madness

This is a awesome toon! it was like one of the first octipus parody porns XD love it soo much and great characters selected to be banged

This was so hot the poses and moaning and face expressions all 100% good nice work never stop making them golden toons zone!

this was so hot I remember first time I watched it now I dont watch it as much any more but its still a hell of a great toon hell 15-20 views are from me alone lol and 40 from me showing friends XD

ehh kinda super cheesy but good joke keep making more videos please !

that was pretty hot and the customization was really fun

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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