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the idea and animation is great voice acting could use some work and dialog though i was hoping hank would talk more im a big king of the hill fan

cool its like the old cartoons but better nice parody!

OMG that was sooo hot !!! amazing!!! nice work the idea was awesomee!!

Umm wow that was something new XD the idea was really funny but ending kinda was super screw ball and confusing ...

I have seen better porn parodys sorry did not really enjoy this one its not my taste I think you could of made it hot though for straight males with your art style a couple ways if you changed the story

oof you did it the most annoying loop ever XD X( great job using frank filth I gtg that noise hurts!

nicee the animation and detail is great! wish it was longer and different poses though

DefilerOfWaifu responds:

you can find the whole movie here https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/730773

fuck yeah!!!! lol I LOVE THIS I want some of that cake shit love the music and comedy in it !! OMG hes still going XD :O this is sooo awesome nice work !

ZabuJard responds:

Thanks man!

Lol as soon as he smiled at the pig made me think "hes gonna eat it isn't he?! " lol XD sure enough that made the video great what a twist nice work 10/10 keep up the amazing work

davidpuralocura responds:

lol i guess it can be a bit predictable
but sometimes its fun to know what happens and see it done

might not be madness character but still has the madness action we all grown to love nice work! the music is really sweet too! oh shoot nvm madness in the sticks fight awesome idea!!

davidpuralocura responds:

yeah i actually dont know how to make a real madness animation
maybe i should make a real one some day

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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