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nice work on body detail I think it would be great with a bedroom background or hallway to entrance of a home ? coloring looks amazing too!

DesireDelta responds:

Thanks! I really should do more backgrounds

Love the face expression and pose keep up the great work!

R-E-L-O-A-D responds:

Thank you so much! I'll do my best to try and improve with each piece!

This is really amazing art style the pose and body detail is really good too love the background !

R-E-L-O-A-D responds:

I really appreciate that ♥ I had fun with her and I'm glad you've been enjoying her!

This is real good back ground is cool coloring in the character is great and smoke effect looks amazing !

CookieBird34 responds:

Thanks! :D

Ehh I think you could of done better on body detail and background sky the Rudolph looks good though and dialog is good but rest like face expressions and the fat being pushed up could look like it had more folds and covered over chemny to really resemble how stuck he was instead of having those gaps .

CookieBird34 responds:

You raise some good points, thanks for the feedback! And thanks for the follow! :)

:O OMG this is sooooo awesome ! reminds me of pepy la pew the cartoon skunk so its a good look alike skunk but if he became evil or joined charles manson lol nice work this character looks great 100/100

MofetaFanBoyNG responds:

Say, thanks! He looks so, due to the fact that I literally haven't drawn him or the other skunks I have for some time.

HAHA this is really awesome ! its to bad you did not small point of view in corner of fenneko

StarShipPizza responds:

Keep an eye out. It's coming.

awesome work the idea is awesome face expression and scene is great only thing i would suggest is working on lining in the body detail to make shading more smooth too

NotYourFriend responds:

I see! Shading is a weak point of mine, sadly. Gotta pay more attention to this... Thanks for the kind words and the input! ^_^

love the face expersion and shade in face ! also that body detail is amazing great work ! keep up the good art!

ArtistaenPijama responds:

Thank you!
I have a lot to show!
stay on the watch

I like it the coloring is really nice with the shading effect also pose but the background would looke so amazing with a sky!

GaddTheThief responds:

Thanks a lot!
Maybe you are right, i felt like i was kind of wasting some potential with the background but i wanted to do some little drawing and keep things simple this time c:

But thanks a lot for the feedback, i really appreciate it ! :DD

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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