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Love how the colors mix so well together this is a cool profile pic nice job also the backgrounds design is pretty great too!

TaintedLogic responds:

Thanks so much, man! I still have Photoshop on my computer. I should work more with it this summer.

nice work on pose and facial expression and background is neat too!

PrincipeNegro responds:

Thanks :)

It is cool for pixel animation but I think it would be better more smoothly drawn its almost cute to me :/ but super confused can you explain where you came up with the idea of having half nun female and half tiger female?

JamesCabello responds:

You can ask this to the creators of Katt. This work is a prize for a giveaway.

beautiful detail and love the color change in each slide !

Manukuu responds:

thank you!

great work but this should really be rated A instead of M cause it shows a dick in a super sexual way hot work though

CollaredKid responds:

So sorry for the late reply! I did just that! Thanks so much for the heads up :)

too toony and the fact the goat is looking right at camera or person viewing is super weird should put a description this does not make seance at all is she about to make some goat tacos if so that would make the art alot better cause goat meat taco is amazing!

okaidesuka responds:

thanks for critique! also i've never had goat meat before hehe

armor looks way to bulky and weird and is one leg longer than the other what the heck! lol looks like shes missing half a leg on the right side

MKMaffo responds:

The other leg appears longer because its stretching while the weight is more on the bent one, and the armor is bulky because .. its bulky! Its an armor after all!
dont understand the missing leg part but alright...

sweet work i would suggest mor e camel toe seance your making a a rated toon also that is my fav part about sweat pants is that camel toe :3 the idea of it all is great though

DashingandSordid responds:

Thanks. I'll try to remember things like that in the future.

omg the realistic art style is soo great! this is awesome work very creative!

Mikiron responds:

Thank you!

Nice work but I love how the original eris from grim adventures of billy and mandy is slim think this could of been alot better if it was a bit more original

chivox00 responds:

Thanks, the original is fine, but I prefer her in this way

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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