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OH WOW !!! that is soo hot! nice work ! love the pose and characters 100/100

IlustretsSpoks responds:


classic deadpool committing suicide XD lol great work this is really awesome! I like the color blue so I decide to write a bigger review for this one talking about the background . I like the color style is like from a painting on a wall did not aspect that for wow it made me wanna rate more.

QualonHive responds:

Thanks! Last year, when I started with digital drawing I didn't put much effort into the backgrounds, I hope I´ve improved a bit since then. The truck for example looks terrible. But since it´s an old drawing, I might redraw it, as a nsfw version.

OMG THIS IS BRUTAL! love the idea with showing the panties to be pulled down and she really turned into a shishkabob cause that octopus is all the way through her ughh love the creep and sexy vibe to the art piece

ThreeTwigs responds:

Thank you. I do try sometimes. ;)

Nice work on the detail of body and good spot to shoot a load hahahh awesome! this is great work!

ThreeTwigs responds:

Thank you. I actually wasn't completely happy with how this turned out at first, but you've reassured me. I suppose I am my own worst critic.

The sex pose is great and background this is really hot love the art style too!

QualonHive responds:

Thank you so much!

this art is great the description fits it soo well! and love the art style the back ground and coloring with the fog is really awesome keep up the great work !

jeez that description.. dont worry I know how you feel i quit celebrating my birthday at the age of 17 due to not wanting to celebrate a year that makes me closer to death ... now its been 5 years and im 23 today ! Man just hold in there cause in 20 years we should have immortality down! granit you will be stuck as a 71 year old man but .. who knows maybe next thing will be a age reduction pill ?

Votiv responds:

the fog is just tv statics haha

wow love the comic view and it took me a bit to understand that you added the motion with the bottom two which is really smart idea nice work! the detail is amazing and character looks hot!

FuShark responds:


Is it your birthday this day or some one else ? you should of had a description but the lines are really good!and love the silly face!

KingPug672 responds:

In the picture it was his birthday, but not

great face expression and coloring of clothes

KingPug672 responds:

Thank you!

Wow the background looks really great this looks hand drawn !

KingPug672 responds:

Done as a side project, it’s pieces of paper cut to form it

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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