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Great idea and background is really great but where is her .. vagina?

Artrazor responds:

If to be honest i wasn't too happy with this one the background either as for the vagina i think i failed to show the lips of it i could say im getting rusty again..

I really cant tell whats going on this piece confuses me alot actually like what is he eating is that a apple or lung?I wish there was food inside his mouth with it open oh thats drool not food..? hmm this needs improvement but the character sounds interesting already this would be good for a trailer for kindergarten movie Keep posting more though and practing please I wanna see this character develop already

misha98 responds:

Its actually my silly piece of art and it was painted in paint brush. to be honest i wasnt good at further details of drawing at home like 3d and 2d i was silly ,but when i was sophomore, junior and senior in art classes at school i did painted alot better then this, this art was just silly thing it was painted in seconds true...its not looking good but when you see all this by lines and colors for me he is angry blue electric stick man samurai worm and he is angry to cut this apple by mountain sword.

Also i understand that i did voted 2.5 stars because your movie was boring and you did same thing too... yes your arts is better than my but i do looking other arts that was rated higher, and they are really perfect in newgrounds like theshadling's arts, so i know what to compare to vote.

Nice job on making raven look so damn cute!! and great idea for half outfit love it!

Ranarchy responds:

More to Cum!

And thank you!

NIoce character choice love this so much !! FOR BUTTER TOAST!! Nice work looks just like him!PLease more original parodies maybe billy and mandy?

wesambjusdem responds:

Billy and Mandy is an awesome suggestion ill definitely will make an artwork of that

Nice work I am now a new fan of yours so please keep up this awesome work real great position and cute character choice

wetvenom responds:

thanku my friend

Nice demon looking character great outfit too ! sugetion maybe turning jen the robot into a demonoid robot ?


SenpaiLove responds:

Never thought of that Haha I should do that with the Hot Rod version of her Thanks!

Nice character choice and great back ground it has a ren and stimpy feel to me great work!


Bisoro responds:

Thank you! I definitely aimed for a Ren & Stimpy/Rocko's Modern Life vibe! Glad you liked it.

great work ! love this character and love the background you chooses to do ! very classic!


SuperStarmations responds:

yep... back in the old years.

This looks like a really cute character great job on idea too! please keep up the great work!

Pervy-Dan-Hibiki responds:

Thanks! ^.^

Nice color and pose I think the sword can use some work though the holster looks fine but maybe the blade is too thin it looks like?


Spiderberry responds:

It's supposed to be a rapier,like what musketeers use,Thanks.

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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