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lol love how if your character is not eating watermelon they think about it lol

KingPug672 responds:

Exactly xD

I really like this ! the detail is amazing pose is great and fur is great also that face expression cant leave that out 100/100 for me

Chelodoy responds:


Oh I was gonna ask why is there two of the same.. oh thats not the same lol hmmm I think the dark shadow in the first one was better I never seen this character before not sure if she is on DBZ but damn thats one hot character r you made!

HayleyPetHarley responds:

Yeah it was hard to decide between the two, I think it comes down to what kind of screen you're using, so I just included both to be safe x3

The character is from Dragon Ball FighterZ

Never thought I would enjoy a furry cow girl but hell this is really hot nice work love the detail in legs and milk too

tipsypaipai responds:

Milk is best when it's drunk from the source, thanks, glad you liked it!

cute girl and nice pose ! love the socks you got on her too super cute!

tipsypaipai responds:


Wow nice work I usually dont think mlp is hot but that is hot! I love the pose and detail and color of pony!

Bnbigus responds:

Thanks! They'll be an animation of her in the same setting soon, hope you'll like like!

This is smart idea to get more fan art of a certain character I love this idea! I hope you dont mind me using it for later cause I love seeing parodies !

CirnoVEVO responds:

As long you credit me then sure I don't mind!

Nice character this is a really cool robot! Love the detail!

RJ-NG responds:

Thank you! I'll be trying to make more Robots in the near future too!

I am pretty confused on why spongebob is shaped like that and with those arms also I think you could of done a better job on the water detail Keep on posting your art though .

SteveFeane responds:

I appreciate the honest review. To the uninitiated the drawing does look... off lol. But if you get the parody then I believe the drawing is effective. Feel free to look at some of my other stuff to get a better feel of my work.

this is really nice the fire looks so real! You should see my snap chat reedit its fun to re edit logos right?!

ekajpalm responds:

I only really did this out of a bit of angst when the whole tumblr fiasco went down. i felt like tumblr was burning and so i chose to represent that in an image to express my disdain towards the companies choice to make the website against adult content. but i suppose it was simple and enjoyable to make

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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