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Nice character hair is awesome !

Morcioadjako responds:

thank you

HAHAH the idea is great but I would suggest work on the charecters a bit more like it feels liek you made hank and bill to skinny and why did you leave out lady bird could of made her look like the shape of jake the dog from adventure time awesome parody idea though loved it !

RaiguTheFox responds:

i'm gonna give you the most delayed response ever, but uh.... thanks.... :Þ

OMG I rated this but no review?!!? well then the idea is so amazing having peggy tied and crying and bill happy as hell :3 nice work I would of love to see a comic about this where the guys go on a hunting trip and bill thinks he needs to protect there homes ... and wifes :3 while there gone just an idea for you to have the art style is amazing liek HD and like the tv shows art.

Codename-Duchess responds:

Thanks, I've got more KotH material on the way soon.

This is really awesome love the idea and art style nice work keep up the awesome content !

PotatoFaceS responds:

Thanks mate

nice intro art man your art is getting alot better even though it was really good to start with !

KingPug672 responds:

Appreciate it

Neat character love the colors

KingPug672 responds:

Yeah I've had him for a long time but never did much wit' em

Wow great work this looks so realistic !

KingPug672 responds:

Thank chu

the outlining with the color of the background is very awesome and face expression nice work 10/10

KingPug672 responds:

I heavily appreciate that! I went for a more original style

Wow the dialog was amazing and animations nice work 100/100 love the idea too

PaddleTone responds:

Thanks dude! Glad you liked it!

nice work on body detail I think it would be great with a bedroom background or hallway to entrance of a home ? coloring looks amazing too!

DesireDelta responds:

Thanks! I really should do more backgrounds

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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