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Oof I love the pose and scenery and character this is amazing next time you think we can see from the back view while star fire looks back at camera just suggestions and maybe more detail in the sand like put finger in sand some make her clinch on the ground

Coliboly responds:

Yeah, I think I might try and revisit this one. Thanks for the critique

Courage!! great detail and background choice all though i would suggest to make background the classic living room and him standing on his rug with tv behind him and news channel with intro guy

KingPug672 responds:

Yeah I see what you mean

hey you should try drawing Mandy she was my fav character from that show like drawing her in the end credit circle telling a dark short poem liek she would do that would be amazing!

KingPug672 responds:

Yeah, now that I'm doin better in my art I'll try sometime maybe

yeah pretty much a fail bud but with more and more art you make the better you will become thats how I get better but if i take a break it becomes kinda crappy again fair warning lol so you just gotta be dedicated more

KingPug672 responds:

That's an old one I hate looking back on em man.

lol At first i thought you drew princess vagin from drawn together lol you know what im talking about ? it was a popular show from comedy central

KingPug672 responds:

No I don't lol

love this charterer this is pretty good reminds me of the pilot and new billy mixed together ! I think you should of gave him a more stupid/funny look to make this piece more popular just suggestion .

KingPug672 responds:

Yeah but that was old as fuck... I hate my old art it's terrible compared to my new ones

nice work on detail ! 10/10

IlustretsSpoks responds:


nice love the pose and background great work!

Oh wow I see you put alot of hard work in that that was a 50/50 great work on art style and comic it was pretty funny and random

FuShark responds:

Thanks! Definitely was a ton of work.

hey great work and you can really see emotion in this art great work keep it up please!

In your dreams when you dream about dead people you know do they talk?... cause when i dreamed about the people i lsot and one popped in two dreams but he never say a word and no one else could see him there

TehAkusShow responds:

This post is really old and i don't remember too much about that dream i just remember my grandma going in a bike to the sunset and i remembered a quote from an theater play.
But i think she did talk, idk anything about symbolism in dreams.
Also thak you so much!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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