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You have a really neat character! love the creepy vibe he gives!

Isaac920 responds:


This has great colors what paint tool do you use to make this great art !?

Souly64Soul responds:

Thanks so much!!
I use either Medibang Paint Pro or Fire Alpaca (Depends on my mood)

THis is so great I would use this for my desktop background!

NookLom responds:

what is stopping you?

This is a really cool character and nice job showing so many different emotions I would love to have this guy as a emoji

Isaac920 responds:

Thanks, man!

The background is really awesome but I am confused on whats going on behind her with the helmet and squit or octopus?

3DRod responds:

she wears the helmet as a backpack and an octopus lives in it

The color and background is really cool ! my favorite part is the face on the ground and the alien

theGreenCat responds:

Thanks so much! Appreciate the love!

This is really awesome ! I love this show and you did really good work with that drawing style I would love to see you do a comic strip like 3 panels using them there is a suggestion! I am sure you would get alot of favs for it1!!!

theGreenCat responds:

Thanks! A comic would be really cool but I'm not the best at punchlines. It's still an idea I could consider!

cool this reminds me of a episode of courage the cowardly dog when Muriel becomes a viking lady ! and this looks so realistic great work I suggest maybe try on tribal people from the past?

ADR3-N responds:

Hmm.. That does seem fun. Thanks for the review!

I love how trippy this is and great choice on colors looks real amazing and easy to see bear thing

ADR3-N responds:

Oh this is terrible though. It's also like, mouse drawn I think

This is really awesome! Great idea for pose and double image!

BiSHAMON18 responds:

Thank you!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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