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Love it!

IlustretsSpoks responds:

Thank you!


Reit9 responds:


this is cute!

fxscreamer responds:


This is so awesome and i love the story panel i could make a creepy pasta making each pannel a picture when i get my new pc next two months i would want the chance oof making this a story of a scientist project gone wrong and a poor victim family of the start to many other familys :3

MiddleFingerRings responds:

Thanks! Have fun!

WOAH this is really great could you help me with one of my computer painted photos i would reshare and use your name in descrip with a link to profile saying you reedited it for me and i would get +1 art lol

pit80 responds:

Sorry, not understand what you mean by "Painted photos"
You want to share it somewhere or what?

This is really pittyful but cute!

pit80 responds:

Hehe thanks! :) (Yeah, actually it must be looks like suffer mood).

This is really magestic the only thing i have a problem with is the side by side close up i think it would look better as a full image with out a boarder

kacenace responds:

The close up is not a part of a picture. It is just for better view of details. And how i said, this is a bookmark, that is why the border 😉

I understand you wanted to showoff her chest .. but why give her a super long neck or super long shoulders i think she would be more scary looking with out the shadow effect on here like when you create a monster in those WWE games by creating a character

CheekyCynth responds:

I didn’t? ^^" It just came out like that because of the dress design. She doesn’t? :0 She’s lookin up.. Her neck is at an appropriate upward angle and her shoulders look normal. They might look like that because of my other OC behind her giving off that illusion. I tried no shading and it did not look right. The extra face/ neck shadows give it a more eerie look than no shadows.

hmm the charecter looks really interesting but the "gif" effect is ruining it for me may because im not looking to do tha strange to my self nawww to be honest even if that was the case this mini lag is ruining the art for me..

PlagaLurks responds:

the gif effect? or the gif file extension ?
Thats weird , i dont have this happening with any of my posts on my end.

WOW this is awesome the way the affect makes it look like shes killing you !! it also brings up great memmories of watching the show dethklok MURMAIDER MURMAIDER MURMAIDER!

SoraLeoyfaith responds:

Thank you , I was trying to make it look like from the drowning point of view , I'm glad somebody got it <3

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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