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medium is hard on third life with giant words and not enough time

I glitched out of map through spikes on tutorial then in game after skipping tuturila Igot stuck on top of map.. lame *spits on game*

horrible game the controls suck and if you dont jump on enemies good enough your dead super lame

woah it was very difficult especially when enemies where by health bar

DAM AT FIRST it was getting boring quick and stressful but after seeing you get 3 continues it became more fun great game 10/10 here should let player know about the continues though

always loved this game cause of the madness feel like to it but the medals take to long to get and its not that fun to try to get do the kills save or do you need to get the amount of kills in one go like can I return later and surprisingly get the medals or do I have to use one gun each time I play to get medals?

hahah hitler i frogger land lol thats what I see great parody please make more!

great game only flaw I found was turning 360 made me move to the left and right and I fell in acid a couple times because of it lol but all the other keys were smooth !

level 6 is confusing using f1 and f2 please help and this is a nice medal game I thought was gonna be easy with trial and error till it got to the f1 and f2 place

great game and shirt looks awesome can I still buy one or any madness shirt where do I buy it? also when I was auto firing it made game lag to where bad guys moved regular speed and I was moving slow mo so that was kinda tricky but I love this game makes me feel just like madness him self wished it was original madness with out suit and only bandages on head and torso that one is my favorite suit for him or her.. whats madness gender ?

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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