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dang there is no video on quiz is there a forum I can use or? I would like to collect all medals but this is pretty hard lol the art and idea of this is all really great ! I wanna play in next game!

Cyberdevil responds:

Well there is a walkthrough/guide in text form floating around. :) Give ng bbs awards 2013 walkthrough a Google if you need it. Thanks for the review!

this game is pretty difficult and whats it mean by try again in other dimensions I think if there was maybe 3 lives it would be more fun to play and would love to see rest of game but as soon as ufos come its doge or die! so please make life system or continue for this game and I wanna get medals too cause they look neat

this difficulty of this game really pisses me off and needs better background music like intense music and this game is really fun because it has good things for space shooter !

ughh I tried to fit them all on right side cause some times they would go into a certain place but still could not get 2nd medal the graphics were real good great looking blocks though

for me it got difficult on day 6 how many days are there ? I only could make it to day 9 then died to many times and not able to collect enough money needs better upgrade system too! but the game idea is pretty cool and the fact I played till day 9 means it was pretty fun but still very difficult

Great game the story was cool but could not find 2nd twin please help and the game difficulty was great

If you start off moving right right away you get stuck in house and game freezes

capner responds:

flash updates broke the game

smooth game took only 45 mins to beat and medals were not so hard or bad to get I think Iget lag which makes it hard for me to click faster than 1 per secound which slows me down alot

this game is pretty difficult hardest medal for me to get was 7 skulls not enough hearts?

Great art work the ideas were amazing and loved how easy it was to find medal my fav one is the head's cut off one by vaguely

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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