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this was a amazing game like part 1 and 2 ! Will you be making alot more parts to this series? My favorite part was the witch doctor when he got his skulls back or when death got his syfe back with his red eye! This is a must played game ! The medals look great in collection too!

nice game i played till i got the 12 battery spinner ! only thing I would suggest is maybe make the more expensive spinner give you more score? That is reason why I quit I thought higher the spinner faster the points! but the medals look great!

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thanks for the idea, projects coming soon.

Wow that is harder than simon says times by 40 lol great game idea though the medal art could use work though like it does not make me wanna keep playing to try to achieve them just FYI for your next game

great game! first try I got 1000 and the medals are awesome looking great work do you have more jem games with medals?

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thank you, I was very pleased with your comment. Yes I have: https://artur-felipe.newgrounds.com/games/

great challenging arcade game its pretty difficult but ounce you get the flow of it it becomes more addicting and thank god there is no ads for this game cause I died 100 times lol keep up the cool games!

BryceSummer responds:

Thank you!

very nice marble games are fun to watch could you do a 2d version like this? so we can draw path

pikklgames responds:

Thank you! I probably could if I see some success with this game :)

YAY I MADE IT TO WENDYS !!!! i love the game and it was pretty funny music was great tooo

etK responds:

Hey thanks I made the soundtrack !

Lol nice challenging game but I need to have 5 secs to solve those problems :3 i cant even get to 10 lol I suck at match

itsallgoodgames responds:

I believe in you!

Loved the game so much i ended up beating it on first try thanks for the medlas to very colorful glad i got them in my collection!

good game I just think it got to challenging to quick at least let us get first medal lol :3 great game though keep making more

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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