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oh wow this is a great game thank god for no game over because for me itt was trial and error and when slash appeared my jaw dropped please make more games like this with more medals if you want some ideas I can help I have to give this game 10/10 for being so great I dont see anything wrong with it to be honest

great game loved all the scenes I think the hottest one for me was the 2nd one for first charecter where they were rubbing her through those tights nice work!! 10/10 and it was actually fun even though there was no game play keep up the awesome work!

real fun game but its to difficult I lost all my lifes after beating the first boss and boss fights needs more weapons upgrades

can you add a tutorial cause I never knew how to play this game but want to learn and a tutorial would be so cool and I bet to so many people! great classic work!

Wow what a great game and such a awesome ending! great work on this game the graphics could of been better especially with the slutty chicks but the ending was to funny to not give a 10/10

game lagged so much I could not even play it!

well the alien fbi shoot out game is very difficult the computers shoot them down to quick for me to respond and the chain saw is too unfair why the AI's so good ? impossible to get medals here now

REAL NEAT GAME its just like box head zombies game but alot better due to bosses I suggest trying to make a parody game this version so player can kill off cartoons or game characters

Awesome looking medals and real fun game play and the pixel art was not so bad!

This game is worth beating the ending is really cool and bizzare! not gonna spoil it

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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