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controls are smooth which is great for this type of game and I think it needs a couple signs letting you know whats bad to touch and whats not

AlessandroV05 responds:

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thanks for making this game through out middle school it kept me occupied and the two player mode was briliant cause it gave me a chance to show my skill to my class mates the charecters are great looking great work 10/10 game and one of my top favs!!

ehh the fast moving controls are aggervating you gotta walk back 2 steps to slow down and on small platforms with a endless pit under is hard to do!

dang good game wish it had more levels even though im stuck on level 4 lol ussually i hate mind quizes but this one is pretty good!

the idea of the game is great but the no score part is lame and there is not much skill needed to play this. oh yeah the slow movement is lame at first i thought the game was broken you need a wave start button

AndrewBedni228 responds:

Thanks for your review

dang so many good things about this game I dont knowwhere to begin! well playing the game I only died one time on level 3 and got worried thinking there would not be a continue but bam ! there is a continue thank you for that and after that the upgrades helped me get all the way to the last boss the difficulty became super easy for a long time through the game but the final boss while i was in my cocky mode got my health bar down to one more hit and i would of died so I snapped back into game mode and destroyed him while having bunch of fun the achievements look really neat I like the trophy you get for completing the game ehh the detail on the medal could of been a little better but the idea of the picture of a trophy is briliant I hope to see more games like this one 10/10 all the way

Love this game great wor!

cant really play wanna idea and help with a horror game though?

neat game but needs some bombs to help survive

too hard to play super fast mode

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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