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it got boring after a while but I would like to see a story mode game like in this style of action with controls and all if you need help thinking of a story I got you just message me please keep making games though your good at it

Can I help you come up with an idea like super smash bros but not fighting like this mini game mode if interested please message me I love the charecter selection in this and game play is fun too

great game difficulty was not to hard I scored 2800 on my first time please make more horror games like this more blood and scarier though

great game nice for the walkthrough help please make more games likes this!

this was awesome for a short game you should make a long version like pit fall about the woods any ways im gonna be recording my game play on this game for my channel just so you know this game had great audio and good scare

Wow these are really great sound effects nice work these sounds make my soul shake of fear

That a pretty decent sound board good for prank calls

Darwin7 responds:

Hey thanks, if you record any prank calls with this soundboard, please send them to xolin89@gmail.com. I'd love to hear them!

Great game love how I can cheat by using right click though

I got scared 3 times even in credits lol please add medals to game like this great game keep up the awesome work I am gonna be recording game play for it on my youtube channel just letting you know k

thanks for the medal but im curios to why you need some of the objects you dont use the jax for the car you find by mail box

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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