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i think it has great controls but when your playing medium or hard there is not enough health pick ups theres tons of demon protection and demon wings but where the health at?!!?!?

this is a great game just a little bit of lag issues when i get 3/4s to the end

i dont like this turn based game due to the confusion it give me its easy to tell which are the bad guys cause they follow you but there is no warning or instruction during game play this needs a tutorial

great idea and great game only problem i have the instructions.. cause they are non so i had to die 4 times getting noob rank cause i was clueless like wth were you thinking i really hope you dont aspect people to figure that out

there is way to much "crap" or settings on this game makes the game lag it looks like a really cool and great game but the slow loading and game play is just tortures thats all im not even gonna try to play it a 2nd time the first time was sooo boring zombies had head shot only most the time and you can barley see the survivor then some survivors run infront of your car when your going max speed and SPLAT they cant be saved cause you just ran them down lol like WTF

ehhh I think it would be alot better if the "ball" would be on a AI path instead of a planned out path like no mater where you bounce the ball on your paddle it goes in same direction .. thats pitiful but it was pretty funny which is why i shared 2 stars but you could of done this alot better it has a great idea and theme to it but needs to be fixed up and maybe a 3rd mini game ? space invaders is a good choice

i think the cursuors should of been customers or look like them but i hate how click games takes a long time to get through this one i dont have that problem its a fast paced game and thats how a clicker game should be it would be cool to use the space bar to click the pizza or any key instead of the mouse

its was an ok game i mean i wish i would of found out i could just hold down and X to fly maybe the instructions need to be more clear instead of saying "these are the buttons you use" well how about how you use them lol so i made a score of 75 by tapping the x and when you try tapping you always fall to the ground good thing i learned to hold both buttons before the fuel gathered all on the floor and i think this could use more power ups instead of just a purple speed boost pill what about health packs and splashing bullets cause some times two aliens appear in same spot im sure splash would take care of them alot easier than having to shoot through there bullets and kill one fly up shoot more bullets and kill the 2nd one behind the first one OVERALL its a really good game that just needs a few improvements but the slow start to the game meaning watching the score go up as slow as possible .. honestly i dont wanna try a secound time cause i was bored playing the first time so what will change even if i know howto fly better this game is not worth a replay sorry

Hmmm lol the start i was like when it showed the 4 semen "oh no crack babies!! lol serousely and the game is really difficult i feel like maybe if it shot faster it would help ALOT the upgrade system is pretty cool im guessing each level you get new upgrade idk i only could make it to lvl 2 wwith 10 secs left im telling you this game is pretty damn difficult and why does it have to be black and white? that really dulled the game down for me i would be willing to try out the full version when its done but ill be honest if that shooting is not fixed i wont even try to pass the first level ill just quit

I love pico but I feel bad he was put in this mess first off the tapping of the "w" button sucks why cant i just hold and release ?also why does eneimies have to be boxes why not use other people and make them 3 shot health points so they would be able to kill at same rate to clear the green and red boxes

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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