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That was .... Really awful ... ONLY ! TIME I was able to pass 16 and when i was at 32 a 60+ block spawned right on me the random generating really did suck your best off keep hitting reset if you dont see a number you can eat its a really broken game ! I reseted like 40 times and died twice and only one time I had the chance to get to 32 block but yeah the random generator mostly generates numbers you cant eat or numbers to low to add a higher number to your block .

kbvpneofit responds:

Fixed. You can check and possibly change the rating.

HAHAH that was a really fun game and love how the medal looks if any one see's this post your speech you made with game after your review please like this I tried to make a funny speech

"I, Redeyes, under the watchful bleeding eyes of Dalton, plan to enact the following policy in my first 9282 in office. I will to make every one use technology , and I promise, I will also work with USA to ensure mutual cooperation of IDK really. It is also, with funny honour, that I Redeyes, will to make every one walk backwards!

To my rival in this race, Latso, I want to say you have been a really ugly person to fight this race with, but now I wish you nothing but the internet in the future. As we know, there can only be one winner here, and I want to thank my supporters, you have all been things throughout this campaign.

In closing, I just want to say, no matter who you are, or where you live, I am your president, and I want you to remember Bee attacks!

I love eating ramen my peeps and dont forget to...!"

Little-Rena responds:

Don't forget to what? WHAT?! I NEED TO KNOW!!!

Its a good game for the website wanted to say it was a waste of time for it being boring but the information was all good on it

Little-Rena responds:

Good to hear!

This game makes me feel really dumb im so confused when moving letters and knowing if we can spell left to right or have to go up to down or opposite ughh take this back to math games please lol

HealliesGames responds:

I'm sorry to hear this.
Words should be spelt from left to right, as they normally read.
You can try speed 0 for getting the hang of it, it's less complex than it seems!

super seal clobber was not all that great as the rest but dang this is a really fun game to play ! Wow that video was really amazing the whole thing ! if you all worked on it you should of put a tiny bit more effort into the games what would of been cool is to play a mario style game where your tom even if its just donkey kong or space invaders but change ship into a mod bot ? like classic game types with new grounds classic portal characters would be great for these!
Also the badges look really nice!

TharosTheDragon responds:

Almost no one was interested in doing the game collab portion, unfortunately. We barely managed to scrape together the three games we have. I'm glad you enjoy the rest of it.

the medals and game is hard to achieve at and get bored ounce your left with no more coins you can get without trail and eroor also the count for goal gets covered in red splat if you get it near score so you have to go through map to see if you have every coin if you get that part messy why no clean option ? just a quick clean swipe dont restrat game unless your ok with loosing your progress i was thinking if i restart game i can clear the boarders of screen to see score and lost progress i made at 120 coin

Mondauthor responds:

It was decided (game design) not to include a cleaning option for CoAx death splats since the rollover popups would tell you how much Gold was currently in any Crate. Sorry you lost the 120.

oof this game is pretty hard and made it almost to end on first try then died half way on second try cause i missed the shop one time..
High score is 1,144
around 1060 there to green cannon that shoots you to really high plat form but if you miss not to jump or something you just fall straight in pit and loose all live happened twice any way you can move that big high chuck of land closer to cannon by little bit like 2 feet? I wanna see full map maybe if im good enough but traps like that are confusing cause some tiems i double jump to use cannons and after cant jump and just fall

Amni3D responds:

In hind sight, this game has a bit of a learning curve. Which considering it's a web game probably isn't the best. People suggested lives or checkpoints, and I think that really could've helped. I probably should've done more R&D in making the core platforming more in depth as well. Combined with checkpoints, that would've lead to longer more interesting (and more fun) runs, while not slapping new players too hard.

But at this point, that's fiddling with the design a little much.

great game but its really difficult on the first level XD I used three lives on it got to the next level with jsut one life and no continue :/

PoliuxDimension responds:

I admit that I didn't make the first level very flexible, there is only one best way to solve it.

great game and I LOVE these medals in my collection game was fun seeing all the options and really funny I would like to see you make more adventure games like this please!

Little-Rena responds:


awesome game lol took me a while to realize i could move the giant ship to get farther i only can beat half the came the big ship moves to slow and upgrades i really wish they were there i dont like how you have it there to say max and still to collect shards.
(liked game with lots of stars cause I wanted it in my play list rage quit games lol so i can make my friends play and try out)

BASSAM18 responds:

thank you , you make me happy that you liked the game .
yeah there are lots of people who didn't like the upgrade thing so am changing and adding more into it now.
thanks for your comment redeyes , :)

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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