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really good game 10/10 graphics and idea was awesome too

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thank you❤

could not kill flanders but that was really fun great levels!

Aprime responds:

Flanders or devil flanders?
Use the mouse with one hand and click with the other. Makes it easier :P

needs more charecters and one player and medals I loved it though the button mashing was fun and such this is a good multiplayer game you should of used charecters that are like more famouse i think alot of people would love to play super smash cartoon just a suggestion

massivemarioluigi700 responds:

I was actually going to add medal sooner or later but idk about characters, also having problems coding AI in as2, that why I put my game in AI experiment

Theres Ai now

stage 11 dificulty increases tons what is finale stage?

rekuchn responds:

The "last" stage is 50, but there's bonus content after that. If you find yourself getting stuck feel free to PM me and I'll give you some tips.

pretty boring and why cant I buy more than one of each that would help game go faster!

rhys510 responds:

Sorry about your experience with the game, due to balancing the game i had to cap the amount that can be bought otherwise you would be able to win really fast & easily plus it would render upgrades and other items useless. Thanks for taking your time to review the game so i can improve :)

fun game needs full team on team

DBuck-Eye responds:

Only Kim gets a team. Rodman has his kneecaps shot.

pretty fun but I think it could of been better if the background had more work on it and characters moved a bit faster

danidre14 responds:

Thanks for playing.
Yeah, this game has so many limitations (I'm sorry!)
Glad you found it fun though! ^_^

great simple fun game great work on animation too! the angles worked great the bosses looed cool and quick to play what more do you need for a funny game ! :) great work

DIWAKAR responds:

Thank you Sir

dang there is no video on quiz is there a forum I can use or? I would like to collect all medals but this is pretty hard lol the art and idea of this is all really great ! I wanna play in next game!

Cyberdevil responds:

Well there is a walkthrough/guide in text form floating around. :) Give ng bbs awards 2013 walkthrough a Google if you need it. Thanks for the review!

If you start off moving right right away you get stuck in house and game freezes

capner responds:

flash updates broke the game

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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