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controls are smooth which is great for this type of game and I think it needs a couple signs letting you know whats bad to touch and whats not

AlessandroV05 responds:

Changes added

the idea of the game is great but the no score part is lame and there is not much skill needed to play this. oh yeah the slow movement is lame at first i thought the game was broken you need a wave start button

AndrewBedni228 responds:

Thanks for your review

verry neat game !

OrangePylon responds:

Thanks, dude!

550 secs here escaped woooooo good game I wanna help you make a creepy escape game by helping with art and ideas can I ?

selfdefiant responds:

sure! message me!

cool game but I would of liked it better if it did not walk for its self

DBuck-Eye responds:

But that's the whole challenge of the game :)

It was so fun till i had to battle the 3 knights in the dungeon i only could kill easy fire knight you got any tips for how to actually harm green knight or how to kill purple knight

BoMToons responds:

Green knight you hit a rock into him 3 times. The purple knight is just really good timing.

when tapping to upload it is so slow makes the game a bit boring for me

RiceGames responds:

I'm still thinking of adding some improvement that makes it faster

it was fun but pretty slow game play that made me get bored but I love the idea!!

cellnt responds:

Hi RedeyestheSecound,

Thanks for the feedback. I plan to improve on the game.

That is so great dog is hard to pass though lol

GumpyFunction responds:

Thanks! Yeah the dog gets people but once you figure out how to get past him it's easy. I wanted to make a pretty hard game. It's only 2 levels but can take a while due to it's difficulty.

real funny game loved it please make more like it!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Working on it

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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