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Awesome game but I only can make it to wave 7 how many levels does this game have and will you make more rhythm games? please and I recorded this game you can find at YT ultimate creator

im-a-good-boye responds:

There are 6 levels in total. I don't know about rhythm games but I'll definitely be posting more of my games to NG. You can PM me any videos of you playing if you'd like. Thanks for playing!

I like the idea cause bomber man is really fun but I just tried to record and play it was hard to see maybe you could use a zoom in and side scroll with maps? like the orginal?

WAtheAnum responds:

hello there!

well since thats not a (easy) thing i can actually do or "redo" with clickteam fusion, i would have to make a whole new game based on it, WHICH i might "will" do. Sure i can see you have problems with this games "size" since yea, it is really a bit small. I will maybe made a 2nd version with way bigger sprite art and better stuff/style. still thank you for the feedback! :D But you said you want do record it? what for? would be nice to know tbh :3

I wisdh the game was longer like with no upgrades you need more levels with upgrades you can use 1 -2 levels thats what I feel is a good idea but keep making them this was fun like a carnival game!

Rafanh7 responds:

Thank U, I Will Try My Best! Follow Me On Youtube -- https://www.youtube.com/c/ShadowTechRJS

I am so confused on what to do.. is there only one episode 00? I cant pass it

FisalMohamed responds:

we are working on the chapters you can check our facebook and discord for new release while that we will release chapter 1 in 2 days from now

Neat game but I think it needs continues the controls are very smooth

Kevin responds:

I think you need to get gud

Wow I would not play this game if your a newcomer here its not really that good and easy to beat if there was medals than I would say this is a great game but seance there is none yeah this is pretty easy and lame should be on a kids site lol just my suggestion is add some medals !! if your gonna make super easy games!

scpgames responds:

Wow. Someone's drinking a lot of haterade. Don't feed the trolls.

Score 215 great job the clicking needs to be a bit smoother would like to play more games like this and great medal collecting game here!

hosani69 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Awesome!

That was really awesom emy favorite was the news helicopter medal the games movements are really smooth and no delay at all great work with explosions too! ending is real awesome to see!

Wiesi responds:

Thank you for playing AND reviewing! :)

Did not understand how to play thoug..

ADR3-N responds:

I have actually been considering deleting this. I was like ... 12

Also wow, you're fast!

it was a really cool game but on round 9 when search shows in the dark with snow I am lost

JD-Brony responds:

Don't mind the snow. Just keep hovering your cursor around the dark screen until you see it turn into a pointer.

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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