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Lol nice challenging game but I need to have 5 secs to solve those problems :3 i cant even get to 10 lol I suck at match

itsallgoodgames responds:

I believe in you!

its nice for medals but the colors is pretty pale like old classic halloween still nice tic tac toe game

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thank you

that was awesome game please make more fighting games it felt like it was multipalyer!!

larrynachos responds:

Thank you! I was planning on making a battle royale game you can play by yourself :)

are you gonna put medals in? this game is fun :3

DeSaGames responds:

There were medals in but they got denied, never happened before so I’m not sure what happened.
I’ll be making a SFW version at some point though and I’ll try chucking medals in there.

Thanks for the review!

to be honest it feels lke parody of mega man and I sucked at every level I have that hate feelng again allthough I do lve the idea and wanna see you create more games just more simple games maybe slower paced cause it took so man trial and error way to much for me but im sure speed runners love this game hope you make a fighting game arcade style

Flopp responds:

Well I mean...I could go for a Megaman style, but I was thinkin of Meat Boy more. But you are right bout one thing, the game is meant to be played fast. But I'm glad you somewhat liked it.

Dude this is a really awesome game! It was pretty funny when you start to have to make almost 360 spins just to turn highscore is 151 on first try imma get my friends to play this game too great arcade game you should try making a Dance dance revolution knock of cause the controls in this game 100% smooth keep up the awesome work oh yeah and i love the medals too very colorful one last thing I found funny i was like "ohh i wanna be purple haze" and then i find out he is first person you face and sucks lol i was like well atleast i did not pick him yet lol

UltimoGames responds:

I could add a multiplayer modus with DanceDanceRevolution :D , I want to make this game for steam and consoles you know. Thanks for the fun review RedeyestheSecound

IK IK you said not to blam but i got 6.9 and no medal i beat the game and no medal?.... then the last medal i have no clue how to get i refreshed page and nothing still i play for medals and seance your medals are broken imma have to blam this project would say something nice about it being essay but its lame for not giving medals like promised

ninjamuffin99 responds:

the 6.9 medal is a bit unreliable, I should definitely get to fixing that.

and the "Be PhantomArcade" medal can only be unlocked by PhantomArcade. I havent even gotten it lol. Only PhantomArcade can unlock it.

thanks for the 0 I do appreciate it

That a pretty decent sound board good for prank calls

Darwin7 responds:

Hey thanks, if you record any prank calls with this soundboard, please send them to xolin89@gmail.com. I'd love to hear them!

This was a cool game but with the slow movement i could not play space invaders like i ussually do which is remove left side than right with slow bullets and movement it makes it realy tricky to make a far shot

menos30 responds:

Yes, this is a hardcore level =)

great work keep trying at it! I think you can make some really great games and the music choice and animations were really awesome!

davidpuralocura responds:

thank you Redeyes
i will try to keep it up

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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