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This is awesome hat logo for WHO is great and body detail is amazing keep up the awesome work!

This looks really cool the description fits charecter really well and I love how you did the one piece logo! Good thinking to do One Piece art piece cause there is a new One piece game eaither that came out oor is coming out real soon.?

Bundeluxe responds:

Pirate Warriors 4? Yeah I think that came out just last month

Love the poses and outfits you got them in. Color of background is great too keep up the good work!

The art style is really cool and love the darkened room 10/10

Cool looking charecter nice pose you have her in also love the dialog keep up the great work!

Wow I love the fact the other girl is holding her arms back. Cahrecters look great and outfits! and of course the posese you have them in!

Awesome comic so far keep up the aawesome work the idea of the concept is great!

Awesome sex pose you choosed for them also I love where you signatured it right on the sweet spot!

(comment) LOL, I always wanted to try that dessert and now I really wanna try it out! Lol.

(Review) This is great the pose the idea for placing the desert in front of the real desert haha character looks really good cool wings and the stockings were a good idea to leave on. Keep up the great work! the background and stary over effect are great too it really captures the cuteness!

Awesome idea honestly from the title I thought that I was gonna see his dick coming out the lamp and her giving him a handjob but this is way better super creative please keep up the aweome work the art style is really good to and inside view all great 1000/1000

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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