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Love the pose and the scenery and Search Results Giorno's face expression is a good one!

Great job and nice selection of mood expression you gave him.

I would of like it more if you had marge faceing the glass more showing a shocked but pleassured look nice idea I love it eaither way though!

Drawsputin responds:

I actually thought about it, but it was easier to draw Marge from behind and it's funnier to think Marge got caught by surprise.

But there have been times I drew smothered characters to see their expression from the front.

Woah I love the background and the pose you have bowser in with that creepy smile super trippy and creepy 10/10 nice work!

These are really creative and cool new looking DBZ charecters!

Great work the skin detail and face expressions are spot on a leader from that planet I think its namec?

Wow, nice battle pose and outfit! I think the scene can use some work on though maybe more rocks even floating from the power behind his lower back or more detail in the dry sand by adding more not fully connected thinner lines as if the sand is shattering and drier texture.

Avalugg responds:

it's a commission, it only comes with a simple background, that's why it's not overly detailed.

Great body detail and very interesting looking charecter 10/10!

Cool bondage not ussually a big fan of bondage but this is really good I love the wooden beans to give it a cool diffrent time feel ! and pose is amazing and not to hardcore great job!

Lol this is awesome looks liek girls from fairy odd parents cartoons creative idea! love how you made the panties even look better especially the one on the far right lol

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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