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Wow this art style is really cool and great idea keep up the great work!

HentaiBoy2 responds:

Thanks man!

Nice job on body detail and dialog the back ground is good to love this charecter Foxxy 100/100

HentaiBoy2 responds:

The background? But it's just a gradient?
Well, I'm glad you like it anyway.


Nice colors and body pose 10/10

mystra77 responds:

Thank you!!

Nice work loved the pose and out fit and also the rec boarder of it 100/100 keep up the amazing work!

mystra77 responds:

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it ^^

Nice body detail and art shadding keep up the great work!

JosuEdu responds:

thank you very much bro! soon I will upload more than 4 drawings, the question of quarantine has me glued to the pc

Woah loved what ou did with the charecters so trippy and cool neat idea 10/10

HyperFlannel responds:

Thank you very much

Lol boos only weakness and every other player in the world lol XD great idea and this is so cool this is first time I see the charecter Boo in a porn parody and I love it if any thing I would suggest maybe having Boo cross over to another ghostly game charecter or cartoon ? Loke the work eaither way though keep it up 100/100

HyperFlannel responds:

Like maybe having a boo fuck a Danny Phantom character? Great idea, I might actually do that

Wow this is really cool and creative idea i hope you wont mind me using it to share with my discord server in hentai boobs gifs rooms gifs are best thing on discord cause peopel can favorite them and send them to others way much more easier ! I love the idea of how they shring and grow even though your just using model they look great!

Bard-bot responds:

THank you!, and sure go ahead, it's cool to know my art get shared arround

Lovely body work and scenry ! keep up the great work please!

gonster responds:

Thank you! I will upload it often.

Nice job on body pose and body detail also scenery is really good 100/100

smutterfinger responds:

ty very much!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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