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The clothes are ok .... But thats about all thats ok the hair is fusing in with the skin! UP I have to take that back the clothes are not ok cause is it a sweater or there skin? If you look at the wrist its not actually a sweater at all unless you gave up 30% of the way thats what I feel like you did in this one you tried for a good hour but then rushed the rest wanting to upload somehting quick...

DrunkGeckoAssBrain responds:

haha your account got locked

Oh wow I love the pose you go them in this is really creative nice idea keep up the amazing work! :O

SuperSensei responds:

Thank you so much - Will do!

The sword looks weird I think would lok better with straighter lines to resemble sharpness and not ... ?The shaddowing needs working on to.

IsaiahTSE responds:

So much for one star if what you wrote wasn’t even one star worthy

The outlining needs work when you can see less of the out linning and how it seperates from the art its better body pose needs to be worked on does not look like they are jumping foward but they broke there legs and trying to swing a punch..

IsaiahTSE responds:

Same as last review, what you wrote isn’t even one star worthy

The face is a bit weird but every thing else is awesome body pose scenery I think for the face you got way to much "UWU" going on or something would look better if cutely in pain if that makes any seance for a face expression?

nortipai responds:

I agree, the face is strange. Initially, I drew it differently, but the customer likes something similar. There were three versions of the face, and he chose this one 😣

Nice job idea for valentines day and great outfit you put her in this is super awesome 10/10

HentaiBoy2 responds:

She may be a kitty, but that doesn't mean she can't wear a teddy. :-)


AMazing comic strip! Awesome dialog and art style !

reuterworld responds:

Hey, thx! Glad you like it! :D

amazing pose and color lightness! and the hair style looks really great!

GasaiBonsaiNekoMocha responds:

You're too kind~!

I would of like it more if you had marge faceing the glass more showing a shocked but pleassured look nice idea I love it eaither way though!

Drawsputin responds:

I actually thought about it, but it was easier to draw Marge from behind and it's funnier to think Marge got caught by surprise.

But there have been times I drew smothered characters to see their expression from the front.

Wow, nice battle pose and outfit! I think the scene can use some work on though maybe more rocks even floating from the power behind his lower back or more detail in the dry sand by adding more not fully connected thinner lines as if the sand is shattering and drier texture.

Avalugg responds:

it's a commission, it only comes with a simple background, that's why it's not overly detailed.

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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