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great work keep trying at it! I think you can make some really great games and the music choice and animations were really awesome!

davidpuralocura responds:

thank you Redeyes
i will try to keep it up

great game i did a game play video of this game on ultimate creator youtube channel it was so fun took a while to get used to controls though!

Great game I did a recording game play for youtube of it you can find at ultimate creator! Smooth game play and really accurate which made it easy to doge !

Awesome game but I only can make it to wave 7 how many levels does this game have and will you make more rhythm games? please and I recorded this game you can find at YT ultimate creator

im-a-good-boye responds:

There are 6 levels in total. I don't know about rhythm games but I'll definitely be posting more of my games to NG. You can PM me any videos of you playing if you'd like. Thanks for playing!

I am confused what to do in this game !and movement is pretty slow

I like the idea cause bomber man is really fun but I just tried to record and play it was hard to see maybe you could use a zoom in and side scroll with maps? like the orginal?

WAtheAnum responds:

hello there!

well since thats not a (easy) thing i can actually do or "redo" with clickteam fusion, i would have to make a whole new game based on it, WHICH i might "will" do. Sure i can see you have problems with this games "size" since yea, it is really a bit small. I will maybe made a 2nd version with way bigger sprite art and better stuff/style. still thank you for the feedback! :D But you said you want do record it? what for? would be nice to know tbh :3

I wisdh the game was longer like with no upgrades you need more levels with upgrades you can use 1 -2 levels thats what I feel is a good idea but keep making them this was fun like a carnival game!

Rafanh7 responds:

Thank U, I Will Try My Best! Follow Me On Youtube -- https://www.youtube.com/c/ShadowTechRJS

score 2900 dont speed while turn to drift you should add in description! great fun game controls where smooth but then i spead out out of no where please make a running game like this with horror characters chasers also I recorded game play at ultimate creator on youtube!

umm this is pretty confusing I thin you need to have medals to make this game better just a suggestion thanks for trying please keep it up though

I am so confused on what to do.. is there only one episode 00? I cant pass it

FisalMohamed responds:

we are working on the chapters you can check our facebook and discord for new release while that we will release chapter 1 in 2 days from now

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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