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Awesome game nice and simple cant find out how two get two secret medals yet though

woooooo awesome game I had so much fun shooting the birds this game was so good it deserves a sequil and how about gueeze or squirels

Why is level 7 broen sadly:/ you cant shoot off screen or pellet goes away please fix game was fun or remake a shooting game with zombies is what I would suggest!

The game idea is awesome but it gets pretty difficult pretty quick

Wow friday gets really trick neat game please make more games and more medals !

I felt like I wasted my time on a boring game cause i got like 6 medals it showed but refreshed the page to see only 2 medals unlocked oh how great..

the game is to simple .. I think this game needs upgrades so it wont be as boring you got a menu tab why not add stuff so player can buy things to gain more medals or feel like they are using the money more? just a suggestion sorry I did not find this game fun though

the medals are the only good thing about this slow game Idont like how if you double jump too soon you wont fully double jump and end up missing a jump or some times if you hold space to long the thing double jumps and its only a single! like what the hecck isent it enough the game play is slow why force the player to play slow too !

SCREW THIS GAME I AM SO PISSED NOW AFTER HAVING A GOOD DAY AHHHHH as soon as you added 10 secound part it became to hard on the round where its make 19 jumps in 10 secs your fucken nuts please make timer longer the game is cool but its really close to impposible and too soon I dont really wanna see rest of game cause I dont wanna see how you make this harder its crap crap
DONT PLAY THIS GAME TILL THEY FIX THE 10 SEC TIMER K ! this is a waste of medals in my eyes

If you dont allow it to save in your local folder every time when a medal is collected it freezes up game !

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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