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I wisdh the game was longer like with no upgrades you need more levels with upgrades you can use 1 -2 levels thats what I feel is a good idea but keep making them this was fun like a carnival game!

Rafanh7 responds:

Thank U, I Will Try My Best! Follow Me On Youtube -- https://www.youtube.com/c/ShadowTechRJS

score 2900 dont speed while turn to drift you should add in description! great fun game controls where smooth but then i spead out out of no where please make a running game like this with horror characters chasers also I recorded game play at ultimate creator on youtube!

umm this is pretty confusing I thin you need to have medals to make this game better just a suggestion thanks for trying please keep it up though

I am so confused on what to do.. is there only one episode 00? I cant pass it

FisalMohamed responds:

we are working on the chapters you can check our facebook and discord for new release while that we will release chapter 1 in 2 days from now

ughh I think arows or wasd would be better moving method cause with the mouse its easy to slow down and touch the bomb following

This was a pretty fun game I just wish there was something to do with coins or some continues after the three lives

Sick game you should do a parody style with this it would be cool playing as a cartoon charectercatching dvds or games just a suggestion Iwould love to see this was a awesome game I gave it 10/10 easy controls and game play loved it! and the medals looked great

Nice game 10/10 you should make version two with 4 wheeler! please make more games like this!

interesting game I hope you put these in a time based job sim that would be awesome to play and three times the medals!

Neat game but I think it needs continues the controls are very smooth

Kevin responds:

I think you need to get gud

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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